“I don’t understand why it always takes them so long to take action,” an American manager told me about her German engineering group. The German engineers tell me that Americans tend “to shoot from the hip”.
National cultures have a significant impact on the way we interact, cooperate and manage. More and more, companies and organizations are becoming global players with managers leading people of different cultures on different continents. Frequently, they work and live outside their home country and encounter behaviors that they did not expect and sometimes cannot explain. This can lead to irritation, misunderstandings, conflicts and wrong decisions. Intercultural training can be a valuable first step towards a better understanding of cultures and their possible effects on behavior. Intercultural coaching takes learning further.

As a coach, I will provide methods and techniques for analyzing and understanding the behavioral differences and finding ways to reconcile cultural dilemmas. Intercultural coaching works best as part of a well-thought-out, broader program of management coaching.

— Cultural Diversity is an Asset

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