„I had attended a training course on leadership; however, after a few weeks, I realized that I had fallen back into my old behaviors.”
We know from others, but also from ourselves, how difficult it is to change one’s behaviors.
Training is great for providing leadership education, but often less good at enabling the manager to make behavioral changes. Here are some examples of needs for which management coaching can provide appropriate support:

– Managing a significant increase of responsibility
– Leading and managing across geographic and cultural boundaries
– Moving to a more effective leadership style
– Improving leadership capacity in preparation for a more complex leadership role
– Developing interpersonal skills

The individual nature of management coaching makes it possible to run through a very specific process beginning with creating self-awareness, and the acceptance of strengths but also of ineffective behavioral patterns in leadership and cooperation. Self-awareness and acceptance are the necessary first step for change.
Following this step, I will support the coachee in setting specific goals, to identify new ways and solutions to achieve the desired and more effective leadership behaviors.

— “We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves” (Galileo Galilei)

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